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This spa is only for females.

At this Beauty Parlour, we believe in beauty with a conscience. We have created a salon that offers the highest quality hair services in a setting that is healthier for the environment, our guests and our staff. The Beauty Parlour is designed and built primarily with recycled materials: the floor is made of reclaimed wood from a local grain elevator – preserving and showcasing its natural texture – and most of the fixtures and furniture are refurbished or original vintage pieces.


Our design and philosophy work hand in hand. We are committed to providing healthy hair care with a low impact on the environment. Come see what you and your hair can do for the Earth.

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INDORE • since 2004

About Our Story

The modern Indian woman has many responsibilities, from caring for her family to meeting deadlines at work. And every woman needs a place to escape. Preeti Hair & Beauty Spa is that place for women. It is an oasis to detox, rejuvenate and relax!